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Black Sun by Mazhar Kaleem (بلیک سن از مظہر کلیم)

Black Sun is an Spy Action Adventure Imran Series Novel by Mazhar Kaleem. This Time another Organization Black Sun surfaced who has plans for the Supremacy of Negros (Black People) by Ruling the World with Terror and Destruction. They established a Top Secret High Security Lab with Invincible Security System in a Small Island near Somalia. Somali Pirates were also involved in funding the Organization with the help of Ransom Money. Somali Pirates abducted one Pakasian Missile Technology Expert Scientist for help in Missile Project and later killed his family for Missile Technology Crash Notes. How Imran and Pakasia Secret Service compromised the High Security Lab and how defeated Black Sun Organization?

Adam Zad by Aitbar Sajid (آدم زاد از اعتبار ساجد)

Adam zad is a socio cultural novel written by popular poet, dramatist and novelist aitbar sajid. the lead character of the novel belongs to a slave-like class in a feudal society, who could only see the misdoings and unjustice but can't stop it. he had no way to protest or correct things, but one day he met a person and that changed his life forever. he raised his voice against the crimes of feudal land lords, and held weapons in his hands. he joined the local outlaws group of dacoits (bandits) to gain power and strength to evenge the death of his father.

Palay Khan by Gulshan Nanda (پالے خاں از گلشن نندہ)

Palay Khan is a Historic Novel written by Gulshan Nanda on the Life and Struggle of Palay Khan also known as Palay Shah Khosti who belonged to the Khosti Syed Tribe of Zhob. Khosti Tribe had migrated to Pakistan Balochistan from Khost Afghanistan. He was a prominent Freedom Fighter and Chief of a Freedom Fighters Group, who fought against the British Raj in 1930s at Balochistan, Pakistan then the Baluchistan a Commissionerate Province. Palay Khan never surrendered in agreement between his Group and the British Raj against some compensation in favour of the earlier. The British promised him that they would accept the Tribal Laws as the Constitution and Laws for his land, that was announced for Zhob, the main area of his struggle. There are some famous verses of pashto epic poetry in praise of Palay Shah Khosti.